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Top 3 things to consider after you are done with your Lasik Surgery

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Precautions after Lasik surgery are essential so that the recovery can take place smoothly. Not many experts will share detailed tips on what you must and must not consider post your lasik surgery. You need an expert lasik consultation offered by a trusted eye care centre.

If you are planning to get the surgery done or have already done it, don’t worry. We have the simplest ways to explain to you the precautions post-surgery. These will help you clear all your fears related to Lasik surgery.

Top 3 things to consider after you are done with your Lasik Surgery

  1. Seek a helping hand:

There has to be someone who can divide the responsibility and daily chores that were under your kitty. You need some rest post the surgery and other tasks can be performed by someone else. You will also be advised not to drive or take public transportation alone. Thus, seeking a helping hand is advisable.

  1. Pick the comfort on clothes:

Pack comfortable clothing when you plan to go for the surgery. It will give you comfort to change and come back home without having to change the clothes again. You can directly lie in bed and take some rest.

  1. Set your meal times:

Healing and recovery aren’t possible without timely meals. You need to get out of sedentary lifestyle and ensure that you do things are the right time especially your meals. You will be asked to stay away from the heat objects such as microwave, toaster, gas stove, etc…  Perhaps, storing lots of salads and cold sandwiches in the refrigerator will help. You may also buy paper plates and disposable stuff so that you don’t have to wash dishes for some time.

Before you leave, there are few more things you must keep in mind; avoid using too much cell phone. You will be asked by your health expert to stay away from the phone for some days. Looking at the screen constantly can make your eyes watery leading to other irritations. Also, ask your doctor if you can use a cold compress on and around your eyes if you feel little itchiness or burning sensation during the healing process.

Your doctor will advise you many other things post-surgery that you need to follow. Take their contact number handy so that you can clear any other doubts you may have related to Lasik surgery and post treatment recovery.

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