Addiction and Its Effects

Addiction is one such thing about which every aspect is bad. While people might argue that drinking in moderation is good for health, it is also true that moderation won’t lead to addiction as long as you do not push the boundaries. It is true that possibly no one starts on the road of addiction with the goal of addicted. Sometime it is a part of celebration which them becomes a necessary part of every celebration and gradually of everyday. Some people want the feeling of intoxication just because they get relief from something- physical pain, mental agony or an escape from the harsh reality. Whatever the purpose may be, it is not to get addicted in most cases. The feelings we get after getting intoxicated tempt us to walk on that road again and again. And this leads to the issue we call addiction which is a tough journey with a tough end unless it is checked midway.


There are people who have succeeded in checking themselves and walk back from the route of addiction. But it is not the story of everyone. This is why addiction is a worldwide problem. After a certain amount of time people start to ignore everything else as staying intoxicated is their one and only priority. Each and every type of addiction has some or the other type of bad effects on both physical and mental health. From obesity and heart disease to cancer, human life can be plagued with too many things due to the one thing called addiction.

The route back to life

The route back to usual life from addiction is a journey that requires support and determination. Things what happens to your body during withdrawal is problematic. From feeling restless and insomnia to vomiting and losing appetite, withdrawal brings a lot of struggles. But rehabilitation and medica help can bring change in the life of addicts as well.

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