Are Laboratory Trade Shows Worth It?

Laboratory trade shows can be held over several days and in different geographical locations so that the most significant number of people can attend them. However, it is usual to do it in a single day. When this kind of event is carried out, it can be done by exhibiting a product or service. Several companies can also participate and share expenses, and they make the event more suggestive, renouncing to the personalization and full protagonism.

The laboratory trade shows are made with two purposes: To make known the product or service. Therefore, in trade shows, it is a critical factor to offer good, clear, concise, and forceful information about the benefits of the new product.

To direct the presentation towards a market or target group, use the media’s presence and support related to the target public.

Those interested in participating in the commercial expositions must send their application in writing with the company’s requirements (company data, representatives, address(es), telephone(s), e-mail(s), possible commercial conference to be given).

Within the program of commercial exhibitions it is intended to present: commercial conferences of the invited companies and personalities, the exhibition of products or equipment of the different companies, handicraft exhibitions, exhibition and sales of specialized books and software, presentation of demonstrative videos about the vision of the conference, presentation of stands and informative posters by the different companies and personalities and exhibitions of works elaborated by professors and students.

Laboratory trade shows are considered an instrument of tremendous interest since their pure communication and information function motivates a high degree of participatory interest to expand the product and labor field possibilities.

Laboratory trade shows present innovative products, systems, components, and applications for industrial and research laboratories. This is the place to find the right solution to meet your needs.

If you are looking to increase your sales, you should not waste time and money attending the wrong events. If you have the money and time for them and think your company must show your face at events where you know your competitors will be, do it; maybe you can establish strategic alliances with one of them.

But if you want to get results, you have to be more strategic and go where your customers go. Focus your efforts and resources on the sectors you can supply. By attending suitable events and catering to your niche, you’re likely to find much more success than in a room full of other manufacturers.

Whether you want to increase sales, stay current, buy or sell the most innovative products and services, seek to spread awareness of your accomplishments, or hire new employees, set your goals before committing to any trade show. Go prepared. Do your research ahead of time, schedule events of interest to you, and know who you’ll be meeting.

Many companies consider laboratory trade shows a key marketing strategy or, in some cases, their only approach. Others have moved away from trade shows altogether, concluding that there are other, more effective ways to promote themselves.

Most importantly, don’t forget that there is a whole trade show marketing machine at laboratory trade shows that you may not be taking advantage of.

Long before the event takes place, many companies schedule meetings with potential and existing customers. These meetings will take place at the show itself in conference rooms. So the show itself may be a tiny part of what is happening; the rest are behind-the-scenes meetings.

When used intelligently, trade shows can save manufacturers a lot of money. In addition, because these events bring everyone together in one place, companies will meet almost all of their customers or business partners in one trip to save on airfare.

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