Learn How To Take Care Of Your Skin At Any Stage In Life

Here, we’ve prepared this little manual with lessons to take care of your skin at all stages. The idea is that the care routine goes beyond skincare, prioritizing food and adequate water consumption. Read on to discover if you’re following the steps by metropolitan skin clinic indicated or to discover new practices that are good for your skin!

Adults – Anti-Aging Care

Once acne problems are behind us, the early years of adulthood can be devoted to skin care from a different perspective like Laser for Acne. “These treatments must be taken after the evaluation of a professional. The dermatologist will know how to direct the treatment if there is still some oil on the skin, for example.

Products to combat aging can be used from the age of 20, but some people leave to adopt them from 30 – and that’s ok! But remember that the sooner you incorporate them into your routine, the better the results. See more tips:

Photoprotection is permanent care that must be natural in the routine

For the face, choose anti-aging products with vitamin D, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, or retinoic acids

Don’t forget the body! Choosing a good moisturizer is one of the most important, and you should consider the type of skin to be treated.

In addition to using products, habits are crucial for good skin health, especially on the face. So, avoid smoking, have adequate water consumption, and prefer healthy foods!

Elderly – Hydration

We have reached the stage where maintaining hydration is the main focus for skin health. In this age group, dryness can cause outbreaks of itching throughout the body. In addition, elderly people lose collagen, leaving the skin thinner and prone to more frequent breakouts if not hydrated. In more exposed areas, precancerous spots and lesions may appear, which should be evaluated by a dermatologist immediately. Beats can cause bruises more easily, just as diabetes can change the skin, leaving it drier in some body parts. Th1erefore:

Maintain a full-body hydration routine after showering

Prefer moisturizers with humectant properties, which improve the amount of water, and emollients, which increase the body’s fat layer.

The face asks for specific creams that combine hydration with anti-aging action. Renew the consultation with the dermatologist to update the properties of the products indicated for the region

Protect your lips with a specific moisturizer or lip balm

Sun protection is mandatory. In addition to filters, wear caps, hats, glasses, and, if possible, long clothes that protect the body.

The consumption of antioxidants in food (in tomatoes, grapes, carrots, and oranges, for example) and in creams fights the action of free radicals, the great villains of skin aging.

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