The best mole removal can be a bummer to the pocket, but we have more options today.

Your Best Options for Mole Removal101

Do you have a few moles you’re looking to get removed? While the nearest store can give you something for that, you might be compromising more considerable aspects like recovery time and scar accumulation. It’s a simple procedure, but finding the best options is essential to your mole removal singapore journey.

Skin moles can be complicated, but the bestmole removal method is bound to achieve the results you want. Moles come in different shapes, sizes, and sensitivity. One mole might have to take two or more sessions to disappear completely, while some only take one session. Each method can pose certain benefits and harm to them, but they usually only refer to how visible a scar will be.

  • Surgical Excision

Surgical excision or cutting uses a scalpel or other cutting tools to remove the mole from the surface and its roots in deeper layers of the skin. The doctor injects local anesthesia to the part where the mole is, then starts removing the mole. Usually, the skin will go back to covering the wound, but in cases where the mole is rooted deeply, doctors stitch the skin back.

  • Surgical Shaving

Surgical shaving is similar to surgical excision, but it refers to shaving off layers of the skin so that the mole does not grow anymore. The doctor also gives local anesthesia, but the patient usually feels a burn on the mole spot and a red patch that lasts for a week or so due to the shaving process.

  • Laser Removal

Here, lasers remove the mole. The method works well if the mole is flat but is usually for superficial purposes. This means that the mole will still grow back after some time. It is ideal to resort to laser removal if the mole is in sensitive areas or too small to work on by surgery.

  • Freezing

Liquid nitrogen is sprayed to the surface of the mole to freeze it. Like laser removal, freezing is only suitable for simple remedies. It takes two weeks to see results. Moreover, blisters usually come after the process. When blisters arise, the patient must make sure to catch any infections on the spot.

Before anything, it is best to consult with a doctor to look at the mole you want to remove.  While moles are common, they can be cancerous and only manifest once they get plucked out. Your doctor will confirm whether that mole is benign and good to go for removal. Sometimes, they will say it is borderline cancerous, and it will be up to you to decide.

So, what are your best options? It can be done either through surgical or non-surgical means. Surgical means usually refer to hospitalizing the patient and performing necessary actions to remove the mole. On the other hand, non-surgical means take less time but use extensive methods to rid the mole.

Removing moles can be a more strenuous job than one would think it to be, making it vital to know your best options to succeed.

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